Vtech Cora the Smart Cub

I was provided with a Cora the Smart Cub to review by VTech. All opinions are my own.

As Rylie gets older I find myself looking at toys in the toy aisle and wondering if they will last a couple of years or not and if they will grow with her. A lot of them sadly won’t, but there is one toy I introduced recently that will, the Vtech Cora the Smart Cub. Cora is suitable for babies age 6 months to toddlers age 36 months. It introduces children to early learning skills and out of the box Cora knows 40 phrases, 4 sing along songs, 2 stories, and 30 melodies. With Vtech’s app, the Learning Lodge, you can download melodies, stories, and activities. You can also program Cora to know your baby’s name, birth date, favorite colors, etc. Cora will also greet your child with special greetings on holidays and their birthday.


My first impression of Cora: she’s pretty big for a 6 month old which is good. It didn’t scare Rylie and she actually lit up when I introduced the toy to her during her play time. She instantly grabbed her and started playing with Cora. What got annoying was when Rylie kept a tight squeeze of the “song hand” it kept playing the songs starting from the first one on the list (in our case, Claire de Lune). Thankfully I have the option to turn it off, which is great for when you need your sanity and don’t want to hear the toy. It’s been about a week since we’ve had Cora and Rylie still lights up every time I hand Cora to her. She loves her and I have a feeling once she’s a bit older she’ll be carrying it around everywhere.

Rylie with Cora the Smart Cub

Rylie with Cora the Smart Cub

Now for the fun part, I’m giving away a Cora the Smart Cub! Vtech has been very gracious and has provided  one Cora the Smart Cub for a lucky individual. The giveaway is for US residents only (sorry international readers!). Good luck!!!


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  1. My nephew Jett, had one (the boy version of course, i forget its name)! He’s now 4 and i kid you not he wanted to give his to Paige! It was really cute!

  2. My kids love toys, my nephew likes anything that makes noise

  3. Raymond loves anything that makes toys. He’s in need of more toys as he has outgrown the other ones. I’m definitely going to have to take a look at this soon!!

  4. Lisa Nabors says:

    The most exciting things Mazie plays with is her toes! We are definitely getting one of these!

  5. Jack loves his rattles as of right now! This Cora toy looks super fun though!

  6. Naalie Humphrey says:

    Caleb LOVES his Nuby teething ring!

  7. Jessa’s favorite toy is a little stuffed zebra that she loves to chew on!

  8. katie klein says:

    My son loves his cars.

  9. My sons favorite toy is his train set

  10. Dawn Monroe says:

    Right now my littlest grand daughters favorite toy is a singing fish, she loves it!

  11. My sons current favorite is the mini figures from Doc McStuffins

  12. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My daughter loves her disney princess lights and lullaby’s baby doll!

  13. This is my husband’s nightmare toy! It sounds so cool, but I don’t think we’d ever use something like this set to “On” :) I enjoyed reading your review!

  14. My LO loves music and she knows we can play it for her on our smart phones. They aren’t her toy but she sure does like to claim them often enough :-)

  15. Anything with Hello Kitty or My Little Pony

  16. My daughter’s fav toy is a stuffed puppy that she sleeps with and carries around

  17. Great giveaway! I hope you host more. I love hearing about products my friends enjoy.

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